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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

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Our SEO Services are done by professionals with industry experience for all our clients. The SEO Consultant must understand your business and your marketing goals in order to develop an effective SEO campaign for your business. A SEO Consultant should understand your business goals, your marketing strategies, demographics of your target market, your marketing mix, creative considerations to communicate the message of your brand and success metrics.

With all this information, the SEO Consultant starts to develop the marketing strategy with an effective keyword selection and an optimal creative development. The main objective is to increase your website traffic with potential customers that are looking for your products or services.



90% of all web traffic starts in a search engine, and most of this traffic comes from the main search engines (Google – Yahoo! – Bing). If your site has web presence but it’s not listed in the top 10 spots of the main search engines for terms that your clients use to search your products or services, then you are leaving your potential clients with your competitors.

With our SEO Services you make sure your site appears in the top spots of the main search engines with the search terms that get the best results for your business. We perform an in-depth analysis to get the best keywords for your site, and that is committed to get your site ahead from the ones of your competitors in the main search engines with our SEO Services.



If you have tried to do SEO for a while you may have already noticed how hard it is to get your site on the top spots of the main search engines. If you are considering hiring an agency or SEO Consultant that can do SEO Services for you, you may be confused for all the SEO Services companies available…how to make a good choice? What does a SEO Consultant need to know?

Saying that there are no companies that can provide reliable SEO services is a myth. It’s true that there are a lot of fraudulent companies that don’t offer quality SEO Services, but if you know what you have to look for in order to make the best choice available for the SEO Consultant or SEO Services you need, the risk of ending with a fraudulent SEO Agency is drastically reduced. That’s why we will give you some useful advice to consider when you are selecting a company for the SEO Services you need for your web site:


  • If they promise you to rank #1 on search engines…run!

If any agency or SEO Consultant promises this without having details of your site or your business, you have good reasons to doubt about their services. As Google says, there’s no SEO Consultant that can guarantee to rank #1 on Google. This is true even with not so competitive keywords.

  • Google the name of the agency.

If the agency does not achieve what they promise, you might find a lot of information on the web. But you have to be aware that if you don’t find negative comments about their SEO Services that does not mean the agency is great and if you find negative comments that doesn´t mean the agency is a fraud.

  • Ask if they use automated submissions.

If they do, stay away from them…a good SEO Consultant does not use automated submissions because they send you to the black list of search engines.

  • Ask if they use any “black hat” technique.

You need to know if the SEO Consultant will use what is considered “black hat” techniques, because not complying with the ethical guidelines of SEO Services can send your site to the black list of search engines.

  • Ask how they get the inbound links for the sites they manage.

Inbound links to your site are a very important part for success in SEO Services, but if they come from link farms or similar sites they can hurt a lot your site, so you got to make sure the SEO Consultant only gets links from sites that have a good reputation.

  • High price does not guarantee high quality.

Just because an agency charges a high price for their SEO Services, that doesn´t mean that their services are better. There are plenty of reasons for a high price, and quality is just one of them. An agency could be working with an inefficient SEO Consultant, what might be the reason for an excessively high price and not the quality or their work.

  • Buying cheap is expensive.

This phrase it´s also real in the digital world, if you think you can pay peanuts for the SEO Services of a professional SEO Consultant, maybe you have to think again. Professional SEO Services have real prices.

  • Ask if they offer subscription services.

Good SEO Services involve a lot of activities in a constant process. If you want to get your site to the top positions in search engines and want to keep it that way, the efforts of a SEO Consultant are a must all the time. So, it´s better to choose an agency that includes in their services post optimization maintenance than an agency that pushes your site to the top spots in search engines and then leaves your site unattended. In addition, maybe you want to ask if they offer Pay per Click Services, because it complements the SEO Services that a SEO Consultant can offer.

For your convenience we have organized various SEO Services packages, we also offer a bunch of services that will adapt to your company goals. It´s clear for us that there can´t be two sites or situations that are the same, and we will be more than happy to talk about the individual needs of your company and how to make your site climb up to the first positions in search engines.


If you want to know more about our SEO Services and how these can help you to rank higher on search engines, don´t hesitate to contact us or use our Free Website Audit Service. We will contact you back, and remember it´s not enough to have a nice and functional site…if you don´t have traffic it´s like it´s not there. Now is the best time to contact us, we will be ready to answer all your doubts!

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.